Should You Buy Mineral Waters of the Czech Republic?

You may be wondering whether to buy mineral waters in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has a large market for mineral water, representing about half of the overall drinks market. According to the Czech Statistical Office, 95% of households bought mineral water last year. However, most mineral water is sold in plastic bottles. The European Union has been trying to promote tap water as an alternative and recently, plans have been discussed for public places to give out water free of charge.

The best way to choose the right mineral water is to consider the level of mineralization in the product and whether it has specific health benefits. Mineral water labels will list their individual components and their mineral content. Some mineral waters contain sodium and potassium, two of the main minerals in the body. Sodium is important for maintaining an electrolyte balance. Potassium helps to make a drink taste better. The minerals in mineral water are often found in natural water sources. минеральные воды чехии

The largest manufacturer of mineral water in the Czech Republic is the Karlovarske mineralni vody, a. s. company, founded in 1873 by Karlovy Vary native Heinrich Mattoni. The company is now in its present form thanks to significant investments. The company produces several types of mineral water, including the popular Magnesia. It also helps protect the natural resources in the region.

The water in the Slavkov Forest is especially rich in magnesium. Carbon dioxide helps release this magnesium into the water, resulting in a high level of magnesium and low sodium. The water is available in both still and gently sparkling versions. The company also has licenses for the production of Yo syrups and Granini fruit drinks. It is bottled at a bottling plant near Karlovy Vary and is sold in PET BPA-free bottles.

Although Prague has excellent tap water, there is also the option to purchase bottled water. You can refill bottled water at the hotel or restaurant you are staying at. Alternatively, you can buy bottles at convenience stores located throughout the city. Unlike bottled water, Czech mineral waters are naturally high in quality and are not dangerous. There are also numerous drinking fountains throughout the Czech Republic that are regulated by the government. Those are usually monitored closely and you can be certain that you are getting clean, potable water.

The Karlovy Vary mineral water has a complex effect on the body. It helps the intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, and liver. It improves metabolism and normalizes blood sugar levels. It’s worth a visit if you’re visiting the Czech Republic! There’s something for everyone. No matter what your age, you can visit this spa town and enjoy a relaxing day.

The Czech Republic is also home to some famous spa towns and mineral water. While technically mineral water is a mineral spring, it’s still available in grocery stores around the country. Try one of the many brands that are sold in grocery stores throughout the country. Top brands include Hanacka Kyselka and Podebradka. The Czech Republic is also home to water fountains, which feature potable water and are fully operational during the high season.